Curry Club Ruu Nambanaka

Japan has many cultures that developed originally while incorporating foreign cultures into them because of the characteristic as an insular country. Food culture is one of them. When food that was originated abroad entered Japan, it changed to Japanese unique one and instilled as a Japanese new taste all over Japan. That includes “curry”. Japanese curry has now grown into a national dish that all Japanese people love. If you have a Japanese friend, please ask the person, “Do you like curry?”. Surely, everyone will say “Yes!”. Japanese curry can only be tasted in Japan and loved by Japanese people!

Where is Curry Club Ruu Nambanaka?

Osaka is as big a city as Tokyo, a capital of Japan. Curry Club Ruu Nambanaka is located in “Namba”, the center of Osaka. Osaka has been known as a city for “gourmet” for a long time and restaurants are lined up one after another there. From all over Japan and overseas, many tourists come to Osaka in search of delicious tastes in Japan.
It takes about one hour from Kansai International Airport to Curry Club Ruu Nambanaka by a nonstop bus. It is one-minute walk from Namba Bus Station. It is easy to reach and there are many downtowns, shopping spots and sightseeing venues near here. Namba is the best city as a base of sightseeing and you can smoothly access other sightseeing places such as Kyoto, Nara and Kobe.

What is Curry Club Ruu Nambanaka’s curry?

Curry Club Ruu Nambanaka’s curry is a “Japanese curry” that developed originally in Japan. Japanese curry is a national dish that all Japanese people love. If you come to Japan, you must eat this Japanese taste. A lot of vegetables melted into the curry roux, making fusion of spicy flavor and sweetness of vegetables. It is well-suited to Japanese plump rice.
This restaurant’s curry also features a wide variety of ingredients. Especially, we would like to recommend one ingredient, “chicken nanban” to foreign people. Chiken nanban is a local specialty chicken dish originated in Miyazaki Prefecture and spread all over Japan for its extraordinary delicious taste. This restaurant’s original chicken nanban is talented with gold prize in “Karaage Grand Prix Chiken Nanban Section” held by Japan Karaage Association. Original sweet and sour source matches curry and makes it more delicious. Moreover, there are other various great ingredients such as croquette, which won gold prize in Croquette GP Potate Section, and Szechuan style spicy tofu that is fused with Chinese cuisine.

For lunch and dinner! Groups are welcomed as well as individuals.

The merits of Club Ruu Nambanaka’s curry are not only its taste and smell. Japanese curry is easy to get but has much volume, well-suited for both lunch and dinner. Moreover, you cannot miss that fact that the price is reasonable!
In this restaurant, not only individuals, but also groups that come to Japan in a group tour are welcomed. As many as 17 people can sit down together. We can ensure seats smoothly if you book them beforehand. There are English, Chinese and Korean menus available in the restaurant so please come here at ease.
It is great to go sightseeing after eating curry, the taste that represents Japan, or to eat curry, Japanese national dish before going back to your country. Please add this restaurant’s delicious curry to your great memories in Japan.




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